Productivity Matters


Increase Product Knowledge, Visualize Efficient Productivity with Linde’s Productivity Demo Centers

Sep 13, 2022


When attempting to learn about a new machine, tool or software, there’s only so much than can be learned through online tutorials or manuals. It can be difficult to visualize the intricacies of the product: how it feels or sounds up close, what something should look like each step of the way and the reasoning behind every action or reaction.

As part of our continued commitment to your productivity, Linde’s Productivity Demo Centers offer you a hands-on experience with a variety of industry-leading welding, cutting and automation equipment and products designed to integrate seamlessly into your plant.

When you work with your local Linde representative to schedule your tour of a demo center, you’ll learn first-hand about our newest innovations in technology and see how your plant can leverage Linde’s engineering expertise to improve your overall productivity and efficiency.

Meet With Our Experts

Linde’s Productivity Demo Centers were created to help you visualize, in a real-world setting, how you can increase the productivity and throughput of your plant. When you’re on-site at one of the demo centers, you’ll get to try out the equipment and see how some of your production constraints and challenges may be solved. You’ll also be able to consult directly with Linde’s product engineers and productivity experts to plan for future growth and maintain your competitive edge.

From CNC cutting to welding robotics and automation, from our microbulk gas supply systems to our proprietary STARSOLVER™ productivity enhancement program, Linde Productivity Demo Centers and your local sales reps and MetFab Productivity Specialists (MPS) can help you improve your operational efficiency, helping you become more productive – and more profitable.

Linde offers four productivity demo centers across the country, including Burr Ridge, IL; Kansas City, MO; Phoenix, AZ; and Tonawanda, NY, which is part of the larger Linde Technology Center.

STARSOLVER™ and the Productivity Demo Centers

With our STARSOLVER™ program, we will analyze your fabrication operation and recommend process changes, where appropriate, to improve your production performance, throughput and reduce costs. This productivity enhancement program complements Linde’s Productivity Demo Centers, giving you a hands-on experience that will ultimately increase your operational productivity. Call 1-800-225-8247 to schedule a STARSOLVER program audit.

Try Innovative Welding Technologies Today

Linde has partnered with a variety of fabrication equipment to highlight how technology can make your plant more productive. From PANASONIC® to MILLER®, the demo centers are also stocked with high-quality welding and cutting products under the PROSTAR™ brand name, and each product is designed to plug into your system seamlessly to reduce downtime.