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Product Highlight: ALCOTEC® 5XXX Series NT Aluminum Welding Wire

Oct 5, 2022

From automotive manufacturing to shipbuilding and trailer fabrication, aluminum continues to be an increasingly popular material due mainly to its high strength-to-weight ratio and its corrosion resistance. The material allows these industries to produce products that weigh less but are capable of withstanding demanding use.

Despite its benefits, aluminum can be challenging to weld and poses potential issues, including wire feedability during gas metal arc welding (GMAW) or MIG welding. This is primarily due to the material’s mechanical properties. Steel welding wire is rigged, can be fed more easily over a greater distance, and can withstand far more mechanical abuse when compared to aluminum. Aluminum is softer and more susceptible to being deformed or shaved while feeding the wire from the spool, through the gun, to the tip of the torch. Shavings usually collect in the liner but can also accumulate on drive rolls and in contact tips. When liners clog, it often results in increased tip and liner replacement, downtime and rework, which costs you time and money.  Welder Image

Choosing a high-quality welding wire for aluminum welding can help reduce feedability issues and can make a significant difference in the time spent producing parts, as well as the quality in which they are produced, which can overall affect your productivity and bottom line.

Go from Shavings to Savings

ALCOTEC® patent-pending 5XXX series NT aluminum wire, sold by Linde, utilizes proprietary technology that reduces the microfines and surface abrasion generated during wire drawing. This technology minimizes or virtually eliminates wire shaving issues, improving wire feedability, resulting in fewer clogged torch liners and tip burn backs, as well as lower consumable costs and greater productivity. 

The world's largest producer of aluminum welding wire, ALCOTEC provides the most cost-effective solutions for welding and cutting applications and the best dimensional, mechanical and metallurgical control in the industry.

Linde Knows Welding

Linde is a trusted distributor of ALCOTEC welding equipment and products, as well as industrial gases, applications and services that support welding, cutting and other processes. Contact your local Linde representative for help finding the right welding wire for your welding operation. Don’t let shavings plug up your value stream. Contact your local Linde representative to learn more.


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