Ambient Vaporizers 

Thermax pressure-building ambient vaporizers have been designed especially for maintaining pressure in bulk cryogenic liquid tanks. Cryogenic liquid from the bottom of the bulk storage tank feeds the gas vaporizer which returns vapor to the top of the tank. The low pressure drop through the vaporizer will ensure tank pressure is maintained during draw-off operations.

These gas vaporizers use natural convection of air to vaporize liquefied gases. Finned aluminum tubes absorb heat from the ambient air and transfers that heat to produce gas. In addition to our standard aluminum construction, units are available with stainless steel and other alloy liners for high pressure and corrosive applications.

Standard Features

  • 600 psig MAWP standard
  • ASME B31.3, CRN (all provinces), and PED category IV Module compliant
  • Aluminum corrosion resistant construction
  • High strength welded aluminum base frame
  • Horizontal and vertical pressure building units
  • Low inlet pressure and low pressure drop designs
  • Withstands 100 mph winds and Zone 4 seismic forces


  • ASME B&PV Code, Section VIII U-Stamp
  • Design pressures exceeding 15,000 psig
  • Flanged, tongue & groove, butt-weld end connections
  • Tank mounting, wall mounting and truck mounting
  • Stainless steel, monel and other alloy liners
Praxair Ambient Vaporizer