ProStar™ Piper High Accuracy Pipe Cutting Machine -  PRSPIPER3T

Precise 3D Cutting and Beveling

Linde’s ProStar™ Piper 3T is a well-standardized, heavy-duty pipe cutting machine that makes use of a three-jaw chuck to clamp and rotate the pipe during cutting. Pipe diameters up to 24 inches (610 mm) can be processed in a wide range of lengths and profile shapes. The ability to perform high-accuracy cutting using plasma and/or oxy-fuel, and a variety of standard features, qualifies the PRSPIPER3T as a good fit for almost any shop and budget. The ProStar PIPER virtually eliminates the need for grinding to drastically reduce fitting time.

Standard Features

  • Plasma and oxy-fuel systems
  • Main drive 3-jaw chuck
  • Pipe trolleys
  • Cutting trolley
  • Deltatau® motion control
  • Panasonic® electronics and motors
  • Wago® remote bus IO
  • Airflow cooling
  • Industrial PC with SSD drive
  • Touchscreen operator controls

Machine Technical DataPositioningRepeatability 
Main Drive Rotation Ø 600 MM0.25°0.13°
Torch Tilting (Pitch and Roll)0.50°0.25°
Main Drive Up/Down MovementHydraulic (manual)Hydraulic (manual)
Cutting Trolley Longitudinal Movement0.020 in.0.0010 in.
Torch/Material Distance 0.0040 in. 0.020 in.

Standard Configuration

Part No.

Min Outer Dia.

Max Outer Dia.

Max Pipe Weight

Max Pipe Length


2 in. 

48 mm

24 in.

610 mm

3.30 t

3 t

20 ft. - 40 ft.

6 m - 12 m