ProStar™ Double Miter Band Saws - PRSBS20SADM

The PRSBS20SADM double miter saw offers a heavy duty in-feed table and out-feed table. This band saw can be adjusted to miter from zero degrees to 60 degrees in seconds. The saw cutting head swivels, while the vise and base stay stationary.

The best thing about this saw is how user friendly it is. This design has evolved for over 20 years to create the perfect metal-cutting machine!

Quick Specifications: 

  • Single miter semi-automatic
  • 1" blade provides extremely fast, accurate cutting
  • Heavy duty in-feed and out-feed tables
  • Industrial grade wet coolant system for straighter cuts and longer blade life
  • Easy, user-friendly operation


Round 90°/45°/60°13"/11"/6.3"/6.3"
Square 90°/45°/60°13"/11"/6.3"
Rectangular 90°/45°/60°L13"x18"/13"x11"/10"x6.3" 
ProStar Double Miter Band Saw PRSBS20SADM


Part No.

Blade Size 


Blade Speed 


Blade Guide 

Miter Angle

Miter Adjustment 

Table Height 

Descent Control 




Power Requirements Shipping Dimensions (L/W/H) Weight
ProStar™ PRSBS20SADM1"/.035"/162.59" 92/137/198/256 Carbide/Roller 0-60° Swivel Head30.5" 

Pressure assist hydraulic 

Hydraulic Belt/Pulley3.0 hp 220V, 3-phase 80"/37"/63" 2,300 lbs.