ProStar™ Dual Miter Band Saw - PRSBS350M

Dual-Angle Head with 1 Inch Blade

Linde's ProStar™ direct-driven PRSBS350M is a 10-1/2 inch dual-miter band saw that’s excellent for cutting at 90° or miter angles. Its dual-angle head can cut 0 to 60° right and 0 to 45° left, making it one of the most versatile band saws on the market. This heavy-duty machine cuts solid bar stock just as well as round, or square tube and pipe. It will cut easily on a variety of metals and materials, such as mild and stainless steel, aluminum, chrome, bronze and plastics.

Standard Features

  • Dual mitering (swivel)
  • Cuts metal and more
  • 1 inch blade standard
  • Hydraulic and manual feed
  • Inverter driven variable speed
  • Quick-vise feature
  • Automatic blade shut off

Round10.63 in./9.45 in./6.3 in./8.28 in. at 90°/45°/60°/45°L round
Square10.24 in./8.66 in./5.9 in./7.09 in. at 90°/45°/60°/45°L square
Rectangular13.77 in. x 8.66 in./9.45 in. x 6.3 in. at 90°/45°/60°/45° rectangular 
Praxair Dual Miter Band Saw PRSBS350M

Standard Configuration

Part No.Blade Size (H/W/L)Blade Speed (RPM)Blade GuideMiter AngleMiter Adjustment Table HeightDescent ControlReturn Drive MotorElectrical RequirementsShipping Dimensions (L/W/H)Weight
PRSBS350M1 in./0.035 in./124.5 in. 66-280 variable Carbide/Roller0-60°, 45°LDual swivel head35 in.


2.0 hp AC motor220 V, 1 ph69 in./30 in./48 in. 948 lbs.