ProStar Gensis™ Waterjet Systems

The GENESIS™ Waterjet Cutting Series is a unique monoblock waterjet machine that is the ideal system for smaller projects, and a strong introduction for first time waterjet users looking to become familiar with the industry. The rigid mechanical design of the GENESIS machines allow for high-end performance using high-quality components often found in other systems.

The compact design of the GENESIS makes installation simple and allows the flexibility of the system allows it to be used in a multitude of locations. The GENESIS series provides various sizes that have been designed to be space-friendly and maintain the ability to fit in the most challenging spaces.

Special Features

  • Rack and pinion in all axis allows for large and customized cutting area
  • Separated, rigid tank allows for extra weight on the tank up providing capacity from delicate to very thick parts
  • Stainless steel stationary covers (no movable bellows) and X- and XX-axis special static powder coated steel covers provide maximum protection over the life time of the component
  • Genesis S5 (only) mono-block design: the unique mono-block design in Genesis S5 (5 ft. × 5 ft.) allows for simple installation and flexibility for possible relocation to multiple locations
Praxair Gensis Waterjet Systems

X-Axis Cutting Stroke 63 in. 120 in. 160 in. 250 in. 
Y-Axis Cutting Stroke 63 in. 80 in. 80 in. 80 in.
Z-Axis Cutting Stroke  12 in. 12 in. 12 in. 
Footprint Width 109 in. 127 in. 127 in. 127 in.
Footprint Length 106 in. 160 in. 200 in. 291 in.
Accuracy ±0.003 in.
Repeatability ±0.001 in.
Drivers AC Servo Motors AC Servo Motors 
Motion for X-Axis Rack & Pinion
Motion for Y-Axis Ball Screw
Tank Load Capacity 51 lbs./ft 2  102 lbs./ft. 2