ProStar Infinity™ Waterjet Systems

The new and improved INFINITY™ is our built-to-last flagship cutting machine series that is suitable for large areas. The INFlNITY waterjet cutting system offers precise cutting of extra-large sheets, ranging from 10 feet to 13 feet wide by as long as is needed, which allows for the cutting of large materials. The INFINITY waterjet cutting series allows you to add multiple gantries and additional Z-axis to enable double production on the same cutting machine and higher running speeds. Like all models, the INFINITY waterjet systems features a central controller for all modules and CAM software enhancements.

Special Features 

  • Customizable solution sizes from 10 ft. – 13 ft. wide and nearly any length
  • Improved heavy-duty tank design distributes weight evenly across the tank
  • Improved slats have triple the standard lifetime, allowing better gripping of materials, better support and reduced risk of parts falling to the bottom of the tank
  • The INFINITY series allows multiple gantries and dual Z-axis (one standard head and the other a tilting head) to multiply production
  • Patented, grease-free Precision Roller Pinion System (RPS) in X & Y axes outperforms traditional rack and pinion systems
Praxair Infinity Waterjet Systems

Standard Configuration

X-Axis Cutting Stroke 158 in. 240 in. 315 in. 394 in. 472 in.
Y-Axis Cutting Stroke 158.6 in. 158.6 in. 158.6 in. 158.6 in. 158.6 in.
Z-Axis Cutting Stroke 12 in. 12 in. 12 in. 12 in. 12 in. 
Footprint Width 246 in. 246 in. 246 in. 246 in. 246 in.
Footprint Length 193 in. 273 in. 382 in. 462 in. 543 in.
Accuracy ±0.002 in.
Repeatability ±0.001 in.
Drivers AC Servo Motors AC Servo Motors 
Motion for X-Axis Precision roller pinion system (PRS)/Nexen 
Motion for Y-Axis Precision roller pinion system (PRS)/Nexen 

Specifications may be subject to change.