ProStar™ Plasma Cutting Table - PRS100


Designed with a functional, unitized frame or pedestal mount, the dual-drive ProStar™ PRS100 CNC plate cutting system is built to run a full production shift every day, while enduring the wear and tear of a typical metal fabrication environment. Additionally, advanced motion control enables the use of either conventional or high-definition plasma cutting. The PRS100 plate cutting system comes standard with an easy-to-use Hypertherm EDGEConnect® CNC control with software that provides all of the functions required for oxy-fuel and/or plasma cutting, including file conversion.

Versatile and user friendly, the EDGE Connect CNC control helps you make the optimal cut every time, whether bevel-cutting, fine-feature cutting, hole cutting, or plasma marking (controller cabinet varies by machine model).

Linde Plasma Cutting Table PRS100

Standard Equipment 

  • Dual side-drive gantry and high powered 320W AC brushless drives
  • Aluminum reinforced extrusion, machined linear way bridge beam and non unitized frame
  • Hypertherm EDGE Connect numerical control with USA interface and wireless networking
  • Rack and Pinion drive with precision planetary gear boxes
  • 18 homing positions and procedures to square the gantry during setup
  • Rail-cleaning wiper system
  • Smooth and accurate motion with bearing and multiple adjustments
  • Elevated 20 lbs./ft. unitized rails and adjustable leveling pads
  • 17-inch active matrix LCD touchscreen
  • Power track guide to protect hoses and cables
  • Heat shields protect cables and hoses from sparks
  • Three-part automotive paint finish
  • Static water table standard; adjustable water table or downdraft table available as an option

Standard Configuration

Part No.Cutting WidthCutting Length

Lifter Speed: Plasma

Lifter Speed: Oxy-Fuel

Machine Speed: Traversing

Machine Speed: Contouring

Cutting Capacity: Plasma

Cutting Capacity: Oxy-Fuel

Maximum Stations: Plasma

Maximum Stations: Oxy-Fuel

PRS1004 ft. - 6 ft. 4 ft. - 20 ft.800 ipm70 ipm1 ipm - 1,000 ipm1 ipm - 500 ipm

Up to 2 in. mild steel

Up to 2 in. aluminum and stainless steel

Up to 3 in.11