ProStar™ Swing-Beam Plate Shears PRSKHT3006-H NC

Machine Frame

  • The swing-beam machine frame is made of a high-precision, stress-relieved steel weldment
  • The table features a bottom cutter mount and cutter bar and has been designed for minimal torsion and optimum load distribution
  • The kerf can be easily adjusted manually, and precisely centered
  • All components were treated in a modern paint and drying system and feature two coats of paint, each coat with a minimum thickness of 60 micron

Material Support

  • The large work table features roller balls and a rigid lateral angular stop for easy handling and safe plate alignment
  • Long, sturdy support arms safely hold large plates


  • Polished pistons on both hydraulic cylinders feature superior 2 micron surface grades, ensuring a long seal life
  • Cylinder bodies are forged from high-strength, SAE 1040 material
  • The entire hydraulic system is reliable, low maintenance and easy to service
  • During the cut, hydraulically regulated hold downs ensure steady fixation of the sheet metal plate close to the cutline       

Back Gauge Control

  • The back gauge system is robust and perfectly suited for rough production environments
  • Linear guides and pre-loaded ball screws are mounted in a protective enclosure
  • The user-friendly NC positions the back gauge precisely for single cuts or for program runs


  • Safety features are based on the latest CE regulations
  • The light barrier safety system on the rear side of the fully integrated machine housing secures the working area perfectly


  • Electric components made by top manufacturers ensure problem-free operation and high availability
  • Upper and lower knife suitable for stainless steel
  • The machine is operated via a foot pedal with emergency stop switch, and the pedal can be located wherever it is most convenient
3d pipe cutting machines by Praxair cut with plasma or oxyfuel and enable extreme accuracy with an optional bevel.

Standard Features 

  • Cut-line lighting
  • BRL 401.2 NC-control unit
  • Manual-blade gap adjustment
  • Full-length finger guards cage
  • Ball integrated front tables
  • Footpedal with emergency stop


  • Back safety system
  • Support arm (L=1000 mm) 2 pcs.
  • Squaring arm with scale & T-slot & Tilting stop (L=1000 mm)
  • Motorized rear stop
  • 1000 mm, standard upper and lower tool
  • Operator manual 
Part No.183250183251183252183253183254183255
Plate Thickness (Max)6 mm6 mm10 mm13 mm6 mm

10 mm

Working Length2,500 mm3,000 mm 3,000 mm3,000 mm4,000 mm4,000 mm
Throat150 mm150 mm150 mm150 mm150 mm150 mm
Cutting Angle 1.2°1.2°
Strokes per Minute 15 H/min15 H/min13 H/min13 H/min12 H/min8 H/min
Hold-Down10 pcs13 pcs16 pcs16 pcs20 pcs20 pcs
Hold-Down Capacity12 t16 t 20 t138 t25 t25 t
Table Size2.830 mm x 495 mm x 800 mm3.330 mm x 495 mm x 800 mm3.350 mm x 520 mm x 820 mm3.360 mm x 550 mm x 830 mm4.370 mm x 500 mm x 820 mm 4.380 mm x 530 mm x 820 mm
Rear Stop1.000 mm1.000 mm1.000 mm1.000 mm1.000 mm1.000 mm
Feed Speed X-Axis100 mm/min.100 mm/min.100 mm/min.100 mm/min.100 mm/min.100 mm/min.
Number of Support Arms 3 pcs3 pcs3 pcs3 pcs4 pcs4 pcs
Length of Support Arms 1.000 mm1.000 mm1.000 mm1.000 mm1.000 mm1.000 mm
Motor Rating Main Drive11 kW15 kW22 kW30 kW15 kW30 kW
Hydraulic Tank Volume 180 l180 l 280 l 280 l 180 l 280 l
Dimensions (LxWxH)3.59 m x 2 m x 1.8 m 4.09 m x 2 m x 1.8 m4.12 m x 2.05 m x 2 m 4.14 m x 2.1 m x 2.3 m 5.15 m x 2.05 m x 1.95 m 5.18 m x 2.1 m x 2.25 m
Weight5.900 kg6.700 kg8.600 kg10.500 kg9.000 kg13.400 kg