ProStar Titan™ Waterjet Systems

The TITAN™ waterjet cutting machine series is the latest addition to the Semyx™ waterjet cutting product line. It provides a vigorous industrial design and rigid construction that combines precision and simplicity. The TITAN systems are made to handle high-production for versatile applications and has a special waterjet tank feature that allows for extra weight on the tank.

Our TITAN waterjet cutting system is also equipped with roller bearings, a technology superior in design, providing a long service life. The TITAN models come in two machine sizes, for both large and small applications.

Special Features

  • 41 in. high tank with max water height of 37.4 in. reduce cutting noise
  • Separated, rigid tank allows for loads on the tank up to 256 lbs./ft2 providing capacity from delicate to very thick parts
  • Elongated bridge bellows with a height of 15 in.
  • Patented, grease-free Precision Roller Pinion System (RPS) in X & Y axes outperforms traditional rack and pinion systems
  • High-strength, light-weight extruded aluminum helps ensure bridge rigidity and the avoidance of dimension deformation for a maximum middle deflection of 0.37mm with a load of 70kg and safety factor of SF12
  • Stainless steel stationary covers (no movable bellows) and X and XX-axis special static powder coated steel covers provide maximum protection over the life time of the component
  • Stainless steel front tank facade and tank edges for maximum protection
  • IP67 cable system and high-quality components for precision


Praxair Titan Waterjet Systems

Standard Configuration

Specifications TITAN 320 TITAN 420 
X-Axis Cutting Stroke 119 in. 158.6 in. 
Y-Axis Cutting Stroke 78 in. 78 in.
Z-Axis Cutting Stroke 12 in. 12 in.
Footprint Width 156 in. 156 in.
Footprint Length 206 in. 246 in.
Accuracy ±0.002 in.
Repeatability ±0.001 in.
Drivers AC Servo Motors AC Servo Motors 
Motion for X-Axis Precision roller pinion system (PRS)/Nexen
Motion for Y-Axis Precision roller pinion system (PRS)/Nexen 
Tank Load Capacity 256 lbs./ft 2  

Specifications may be subject to change.