DUALDRAWTM Walk-In Clean Air Stations

Our large, three-sided, self-contained filtration rooms can take on some of the most challenging dust and fume applications. Ideal for welding, grinding, and plasma cutting operations, a modular fan and motor system draws contaminated air through a perforated back power wall. The fan is assisted by clean air being pushed from a proprietary slotted tube system on the front of the unit. Each walk-in system employs the patented DualDraw® airflow design combined with a filter system configured to the customer’s application.


Standard Configuration

WI Series Airflow Option (CFM)Work SurfaceHeight 
WI 8/88,000 - 10,000 96 in. D x 96 in. W 96 in. 
WI 12/8 12,000 - 15,00096 in. D x 144 in. W 96 in.
WI 16/8 16,000 - 20,000 96 in. D x 192 in. W 96 in.
WI 20/8 20,000 - 25,000 96 in. D x 240 in. W 96 in.
Praxair Clean Air Stations