Mist Separators

A User-Friendly, Modular, Highly-Efficient Mist Collector

The Handte EM Profi mist collector offer high collection efficiencies and the ability to run 24/7 for reduced maintenance, service ease, and lower operating costs. The unit can handle the heaviest loads encountered in the industry to clean up contaminants generated during turning, milling, honing and other low speed/low pressure machining processes that use synthetic coolants.

Self-Regenerating Separation Stages

Self-regeneration is achieved by using high-efficiency, stainless steel woven mesh filters located at a slight angle within the units. This combination provides optimum separation efficiency and drainage.

Final Filter

Final safety HEPA filters are 99.97% efficient on .3 micron and larger particles.

Simple Setup

Handte EM Profi units are modular for capacity/sizing and customizable with many optional accessories.

Affordable Option for Smaller Machine Shops

The EM-O Compact separator was specially developed for simple and flexible integration in machine tools. The unit can be used for full lubrication applications with emulsion or oil and for selected minimum lubrication applications with air volume from 800 – 1,200 m³/h. Due to the small footprint and quiet operating noises, the EM-O Compact can be easily integrated into your production.

Praxair Mist Separators

Optimized Filter Elements with Minimum Weight for Easy Maintenance

The lightweight filter elements can be replaced easily and without tools, and the metal pre-filter can be easily washed out and reused. Optimized filter media for better drainage in operation.

More Compact Device Design with Maximum Filtering Surface

  • Best clean gas values: Separation efficiency greater than F9
  • Long service life: up to one year
  • Low energy consumption due to low pressure loss


Standard Configuration

Detail Data
Air Performance 800 m³/h - 1,200 m³/h
Connected Load 1.1 kW
Filter Class Greater  than F9 with low clean gas values
Coolant Lubrication Handling Prepared for feedback
Noise Level Less than 65 dB(A) - 70 dB(A)
Weight From 97 kg (depending on configuration)