Portable Downdraft Tables

Maximize Safety and Collection Efficiency

DualDraw® PT series portable downdraft tables are easy to deploy. These machines feature a practical design that will save shop floor space and protect operators from harmful dust and fumes.

Capture and Transport

Depending on your application – dust or combustible dust collection, smoke, fume, or HEPA filtration – the capture velocity can range from 200 feet/minute, for lighter dust and fume, to 400+ feet/minute.


Helps meet indoor air quality OSHA Standard 1910.1000. Filter systems configured to capture combustible dust comply with NFPA combustible dust standards.


Self-Contained Filtration Tables

  • Dust collection (including combustible dust), smoke or fume removal, and HEPA filtration
  • Easy to relocate and deploy
  • Heavy-duty steel spark arrestor to catch residual particulate and reduce fire hazard
  • Differential pressure gauge lets you know when it’s time to change the filter
  • Heavy-duty 3.5 inch caster wheels


PT2032, PT2032A, PT2032-NS motors range from ½ to 2 hp. Hazardous duty optional.

Praxair Portable Downdraft Tables