ProStar™ Premium Cartridge Filters 

Innovative, lab-tested replacement air filters help enhance dust-collection efficiency, cut energy costs and protect facility air quality and employee health.

For almost every dust- and particle-prone working environment, maintaining a high-efficiency filter system is crucial. ProStar™ Premium Cartridge Filters combine leading-edge technology with the high quality and value associated with the ProStar brand. Our premium line of cartridge filters can help you improve your shop environment and reduce operational costs.
You know that clean, particle-free air is vital for the safety of your personnel and productivity of your facility. However, efforts to purify your facility’s air can be hindered by under-performing, short-lived commodity filters and expensive OEM filters that fail to deliver the results you need and increase your costs. Linde’s ProStar Premium Cartridge Filters don’t just filter your air more effectively than comparable OEM options—their lifespan extends two to three times longer per filter, resulting in fewer replacements, lower maintenance and maximum savings.


  • Industry-highest MERV Ratings
  • D-Ring technology
  • Ultra high-efficiency and exceptional performance
  • Specialized filter medias designed for a wide variety of applications
  • Ultra-fast curing Urethane
  • Two inch pleat depth
  • Fabric bands


  • Higher efficiency and longer lifespan than standard industry media blends
  • Improved seal and protection
  • Lowered overall cost of operation
  • Reduced workplace emissions for better employee health and plant quality
  • Ensures a 100% guaranteed seal
  • Ensures maximum air-to-cloth ratio
  • Won’t compromise media integrity


What’s best, ProStar replacement filters are lab-tested and certified with the industry’s highest MERV ratings—the standard for gauging filter efficiency. In applications ranging from reducing weld fumes to capturing laser dust, to improving compressed air usage and more, ProStar premium cartridge filters will deliver best in class performance.
Praxair Premium Cartridge Filters

ProStar Replacement Filters

  • ProStar PTFE, E 11
  • ProStar NF Merv 15
  • ProStar SP Merv 12
  • ProStar CP Merv 11
  • ProStar Replacement Air Filters
  • Torit® *
  • Farr®
  • AAF®
  • Wagner®
  • Donaldson®
  • Gortex®
  • VentBoss®
  • Nordson®
  • Filter One®
  • Binks®
  • Gema®
  • Micro Air®
  • Zero Blast®
  • Airflow
  • Systems®
  • Wheelabrator®
  • RoboVent®
  • Dust Hog®/
  • Smog Hog®
  • Dustex®
  • Polaris®
  • UAS

ProStar Filter Media Options

Independently lab-tested ProStar Premium Cartridge Filters are engineered to stretch your filter’s lifespan and operational budgets further. ProStar filters are 8 inches to 22 inches in diameter, available in lengths up to 52 inches and provide a diverse selection of media options to ensure the right filter solution for your application.

Standard Configuration

ProStar Filters CP-M11SP-M12



Base Media Cellulose/Poly BlendSpunbond PolyesterCellulose/Poly with NanofiberSpunbond Polyester with PTFE Membrane 
MERV Efficiency Rating* 111215E-11
Continuous Service Temperature 180°F (82°C)200°F (93°C)180°F (82°C)275°F (135°C)
Abrasion Resistance Good Excellent Good Excellent
Chemical Tolerance Fair Excellent Good Excellent
Flame-Retardant YesNoYesNo
Applications Carbon steel welding, hybrid steel welding, resistance welding, general industrial, plastics, wood dust Abrasive/shot blasting, sand blasting, metal and composite grinding, general industrial, cement, wood dust, cardboard, paper, rubber, food processing, fiberglass, textiles Aluminum welding, carbon steel welding, metalizing (low temperature), resistance welding, general industrial, power plants (low temperature), turbine inlet, heavy vehicle intake  Laser and plasma cutting, stainless steel welding, aluminum welding, polishing, buffing, agglomerating materials, turbine, metalizing (high temperature), pharmaceuticals, ceramics, asbestos
Special CharacteristicsThis depth-loading hybrid media offers superior filtration through a unique blend of multi-sized fibers that creates high-efficiency filtration for small and larger particulate. A high-strength, durable media with nanofiber membrane that provides excellent surface loading and dust release capabilities. High-efficiency filtration for extremely small particulate down to 0.3 micron in size. Excellent particle release with membrane filtration. Ultra-high HEPA filtration with state-of-the-art ptfe membrane for excellent particle release and long filter life. A hydrophonic membrane that repels all submicronic particulates, both wet and dry.
Performance A high-efficiency media, for a economical price for most welding applications. Where high-efficiency filtration. flexibility, low resistance and excellent dust release capabilities are demanded, this MERV 15 media has proven itself superior.  Premium performance for ambient filtration, weld smoke, and extreme fine and non-fibrous dust. Excellent performance for processes that require HEPA filtration with a cartridge filter. This is the highest efficiency and lowest resistance cartridge filter in the industry.

Specifications subject to change without notice. 

Additional Filters Available from Linde

Linde can supply the following filters for your dust collection needs:

  • Disposable panel filters
  • Polyester pads and bulk media
  • Polyester automatic roll filters
  • Polyester rings, sleeves and links (available in 1/2 in., 1 in. and 2 in. depth)
  • Square air cleaner replacement filters (available in 1 in., 2 in. and 4 in. depth; standard and custom sizes; multiple MERV efficiency ratings)
  • Polyester quad cube filters
  • Extended surface bag filters (Synthetic and fiberglass media; available in MERV 9, 11, 13 and 15; Standard 6, 8 and 10 pockets)
  • Rigid cell filters (Available in MERV 9 through 15)
  • Mini pleat filter (cardboard and metal frame; MERV efficiencies range 11 through 15)
  • “V” bank mini pleat filter (Metal and plastic frame; MERV efficiencies range 11 through 16 and HEPA)
  • ASHRAE and HEPA final filters (Particle board and metal frames; available in 6 in. and 12 in. depth; efficiencies 95%, 99.97% and 99.99%; UL certified)
  • Paint booth filter

Filter Efficiency Numbers

ProStar Typical 
CP-M11 MERV 11 Cellulose/Poly MERV 9-10 
NF-M15 MERV 15 Cellulose/Poly/NF MERV 12-13 
SP-M15 MERV 15 Spunbond Polyester MERV 10-11