Tip Extraction Collectors

Easy Operation and Efficient Collection

Linde helps you reduce your employees’ exposure to harmful welding particulates. When paired with a fume extraction torch, the high-powered ProStar™ Tip Extraction Collector (TEC) delivers fume extraction at the tip of the welding torch. By capturing more particulate closer to the source and pulling the fumes through the gun, operator exposure to welding fume is greatly reduced.

HEPA Rated Washable Cartridge Filter

The ProStar TEC delivers, on average, greater than 95% collection efficiency for in position welds in accordance to the AWS F1-2 standard. The E11 rated PTFE filter is washable, so a single filter can last years when properly maintained. A safety monitoring filter (SMF) is also available for all ProStar TECs. This after-filter prevents dust collected by the TEC from potentially reentering the workspace, should a main filter failure occur. This option is required by OSHA for certain types of hazardous dusts.

Standard Pressure, High Pressure and Dual-Torch Options

The three TEC units have, at their core, variable speed, brushless, DC multi-stage bypass blowers enabling users to easily dial in the right airflow. The blowers are rated at 100% duty cycle for an impressive 30,000 hours – they can be relied upon for a long service life.

Praxair Tip Extraction Collectors

ProStar TEC Models


This single-torch, standard-pressure unit with 100 CFM at 50 inches of static pressure is ideal for most welding processes and provides an ergonomic solution to fume reduction.


This single-torch, high-pressure unit with 100 CFM at 100 inches of static pressure is an effective solution for applications with a required hose length of greater than 20 feet.


This dual-torch, standard-pressure unit with 100 CFM at 50 inches of static pressure per torch is intended to support two welders. The dual blowers in a single enclosure make it an ergonomic and space-saving solution for protecting operators from welding fume exposure.


  • Variable speed, high-quality blowers
  • Suction blockage safety shut down
  • Automatic power saver shutdown
  • Filter status indicator
  • Cam lock filter lock
  • Electrical protection


  • Enables airflow to be dialed to the right setting for the process. Provides ample airflow for an average of greater than 95% collection efficiency.
  • Protects the unit if the tip openings or the hose are obstructed.
  • Shuts down the unit if idle for two minutes and comes on when welding resumes to conserve power.
  • Helps users maintain filter health.
  • Provides quick access to filter media.
  • Complete circuit breaker protection of all components.

Available Options

  • 480V/1 Phase upgrade with circuit breaker protection
  • Safety Monitor Filter – E11 HEPA
  • Additional hose in 10 ft. increments: TEC 1S and 2D (20 ft. max),
  • TEC 1S-HP (50 ft. max)
  • Alternative intakes available in 4 in. round hood and 5 × 5/8 in. fl at

Standard Configuration

Specifications Single Gun Standard PressureSingle Gun High Pressure Dual Gun Standard Pressure 
Airflow Rate100 CFM at 50 in. H2O100 CFM at 100 in. H2O200 CFM at 50 in. H2O
Motor 1.3 HP brushless DC motor 2.6 HP brushless DC motors 
Blower Two stage bypass blowers 
Motor/Blower Rating 100% duty cycle/30,000 hour
Power Requirements 240 V / 1 ph at 8 Amps 240 V / 1 ph at 16 Amps 
Main Cartridge Filter 195 sq. ft. of E11/PTFE media (99.97% at .3 micron)
Filter Status Indicator Mini-helix gauge
Filter Cleaning Manual push button
Electrical Controls On/Off switch
 Variable speed dial 
 Complete circuit breaker protection 
 Auto shut down energy savings 
 Suction blockage safety shutdown 
Power Cord 20 ft. with storage bracket 
Spark Arrestance Removable/washable spark trap 
Particulate/Dust Removal Dust Tray 
Suction HosesOne 2 in. x 10 ft. UL940V FR hose Two 2 in. x 10 ft. UL940V FR hose
Wheels and Casters 8 in. rear and 2 in. front swivel
Sound Level 70 dB at 5 ft. with motor/blower at full RPM
Unit Size 44 in. T x 30 in. L 24 in. W
Unit Weight 200 lbs.

Specifications subject to change without notice.