What are Bulk Gases?

Linde is one of the largest industrial gas suppliers worldwide. We’ve achieved this industry-leading position by focusing on our customers, for whom we supply atmospheric, process, specialty and life support gases. Linde also is an industry leader in delivery options and support services for customers.

Linde can supply multi-cylinder cluster units, tube trailers, cryogenic containers or bulk cryogenic and atmospheric tankage to serve your every need.

Our range of products is equaled only by the variety of services we provide. For example, before we recommend a supply option, our professionals will analyze your operation with you to determine your gas supply requirements and critical factors, including:

  • Volumes
  • Pressure
  • Planned utilization
  • Power availability and costs
  • Purity
  • Usage patterns
  • Siting needs

Using this information, we can recommend the total gas supply system that will provide the gas you need at the lowest cost of ownership and highest reliability.

ProductBulk Liquid Trailers Available?Gaseous Tube Trailers Available?
Argon – Ar  
Carbon Monoxide – CO  
Carbon Dioxide – CO2  
Ethane – C2H6  
Ethylene – C2H4  
Helium – He  
Hydrogen – H2  
Methane – CH4  
Natural Gas  
Neon – Ne  
Nitrogen – N2  
Nitrous Oxide – N2O  
Oxygen – O2  
Silane – SiH4