What are Stargon Shielding Gases?

Linde's Stargon blends are a family of argon-based blends with additions of some level of carbon dioxide, oxygen and helium to enhance arc performance during welding–resulting in high quality welds. Each Stargon blend has been developed to meet the demands of your specific MIG/MAG (GMAW) process while improving productivity and lowering your cost per foot of weld.

Linde's argon-based Stargon blends offers consistency from start to finish. That means you can use all the gas delivered, there’s no residual gas waste from stratification and you’ll reduce costs. Consistency results from our Starblend mixing system, designed specifically for argon-based blends that use carbon dioxide. Empty cylinders are completely evacuated and purged before they’re filled using our patented eductor tube blending system.