Why use MIG Welding?

  • It is a high-productivity, low cost welding process
  • It can be used to weld all types of commercially available metals and alloys
  • Welding can be done in all positions with proper selection of equipment and parameters
  • Using a continuously-fed electrode maintains a high operator duty cycle and minimizes the occurrence of defects on starts and stops
  • Deep weld penetration can be obtained which permits the use of small weld sizes for equivalent weld strengths in certain applications
  • Minimal post-weld clean-up is required due to the absence of a covering slag on the weld bead
  • Welding speeds and weld metal deposition rates are higher than those obtained with Stick Welding
  • Ideal for multi-pass welding (with proper filler metal selection)
  • Less operator skill is required compared to Stick Welding
  • Fume rates are at very low levels compared to Stick Welding and Flux Cored Welding
  • A wide selection of filler metal compositions and diameters are available to weld thick or thin material
  • This process is ideal for mechanized welding
  • This process offers improved electrode deposition efficiency compared to Stick Welding and FCAW
  • X-ray quality welds can be produced