Heated Vaporizer

Direct-to-process and pressure building in a single unit

Thermax Thermacast™ Electric Combo Vaporizers combine a direct-to-process vaporizer and a pressure-building gas vaporizer into a single, efficient, compact, reliable and economic package. The main direct-to-process circuit vaporizes and superheats the liquefied gas to the desired outlet temperature. The gas outlet temperature set point is user adjustable. The pressure building coil vaporizes a proportionally smaller flow rate of fluid and returns the gas back to the tank. Tank pressure is thereby maintained while liquid is withdrawn to feed the main direct-to-process circuit.

Standard Features

  • Pressure building and direct-to-process circuits in a single unit
  • Replaceable S.S. cartridge heaters
  • Adjustable gas temperature
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Compact design
  • Casting high temperature limit for safety
  • Stainless steel casting jacket and legs for appearance and low maintenance
  • Unit comes fully factory wired, tested and ready to install
  • Quick delivery of standard units
  • 98% or better thermal efficiency
  • Built-in conformance with ASME
Praxair Heated Vaporizer


  • Pressure switch and solenoid valve for regulation of pressure building. You set the pressure switch at your desired tank pressure and the valve will open to allow flow to the P.B. circuit automatically maintaining tank pressure.
  • Safety low temperature cut-off valve and controller (LTCO). You set the temperature controller at the low temperature cut off value the valve will remain open only while the gas outlet temperature remains above the LTCO set point. This option is used to protect downstream piping, processes and instruments from low temperature conditions.