Helium Tube Trailers

Linde has more in-depth, hands-on experience in helium supply, and related technologies and services than any other company in the world. Our distribution centers are strategically located to serve customers 24/7, worldwide.

Tube trailers, which come in a wide range of capacities, can be parked at your site and connected directly into your system. Receivers can be permanently installed at your site and filled as you need them. Skid-mounted modules are available for diving support vessels and for transporting gaseous helium on container ships.

Linde: A World Leader in Helium Resources and Supply

A reliable, long-term supply of helium for our customers requires the global resources necessary to obtain crude helium from the limited number of helium-rich natural gas deposits around the world. Linde has established long-term contracts and sourcing arrangements with many of the world’s leading natural gas producers. Together, we evaluate and develop new global sources of helium so we will have the product our customers need, when and where they need it.

Praxair Helium Tube Trailers