Predictive Delivery Service

Make the Switch to Linde's Predictive Delivery Service

Get Predictable Cylinder Deliveries and Better Efficiency

Wouldn’t it be great to have a more reliable gas supply, but with fewer deliveries, less paperwork, simplified billing and better labor management? It’s here, from Linde. Our new Predictive Delivery service is an effective alternative to your current delivery processes, whether you call in your orders or have a scheduled delivery program. Based on a review of your facility’s historical cylinder usage, Linde  will review your demand forecast, establish a stocking level and propose a delivery schedule. With Linde's Predictive Delivery service, you know exactly when to expect our trucks. There are no surprise interruptions, and regardless of how many cylinders we deliver each visit, you will have the gas supply you need when you need it.

Our High-Tech Approach to Cylinder Delivery

We start the process by reviewing your facility’s historical cylinder usage to predict future demand. The forecasting engine then predicts your cylinder use and need. The system will generate a forecasted schedule and you can choose to approve the order prior to delivery or simply accept new orders automatically. Linde continually and automatically updates the system, and it will re-forecast your cylinder needs based on your facility’s data.

Measurably Improved Results

Linde's Predictive Delivery service is the latest supply chain management solution from Linde to create reliability and efficiency at your facility. Look to Linde for a variety of supply chain solutions to help you monitor cylinder levels, manage space on-site and streamline cylinder delivery for your facility.

Praxair Predictive Delivery Service

How It Works:

1. Order is generated – by the forecasting engine
2. Order is approved – by customer (optional setup)
3. Order is delivered – driver manually validates adequate supply levels
4. Inventory data is collected and entered back into the forecasting engine
5. Forecasting engine automatically adjusts future delivery volumes.