Starblend Mixing System

Maintaining gas mixture integrity in high-pressure cylinders is key to achieving high-quality welds. Linde developed the patented Starblend™ gas mixing system for two, three and four-part argon-based gas blends containing CO2. Cylinder to cylinder, Linde provides an industry leading mixture consistency.

  • Lowers residual cylinder losses
  • Ends premature cylinder changeouts
  • Helps eliminate costly rework


From full to empty, Linde's Starblend gas mixing system helps ensure your shielding gas blends are thoroughly mixed. Cylinders filled using our technology deliver consistent mixture integrity from start to finish.

Maintaining Mixture Integrity

In an argon/carbon dioxide gas cylinder filled by conventional methods, CO2 gas settles at the bottom of the cylinder resulting in an inconsistent blend.

The Linde Starblend gas mixing system was developed specifically for argon/carbon dioxide gas mixtures. A specially designed eductor “dip” tube with openings along its length creates turbulence in the cylinder during filling. This promotes superior gas mixing and produces a homogeneous gas blend without need to roll the cylinder.

In addition to uniform gas mixing, the eductor tube design permits withdrawal of the gas mixture from various locations within the cylinder, ensuring a consistent mix from beginning to end.

Praxair Starblend Mixing System