StarFlame C

StarFlame™ C Cutting Fuel burns hotter than other fuel gases so it cuts quicker. StarFlame C cutting fuel is more economical, environmentally friendly and safer than acetylene and other fuel gases with:


• Quicker start to steel ignition point at less cost
• Faster cutting speeds whether beveling, making sharp turns or cutting intricate patterns
• Quick, clean piercing
• Minimal slag and weld-back from cleaner flame
• Significantly less smoke and soot
• Reduced potential for torch backfire

Vaporization Rates

Cubic foot per hour at 60% full cylinder

Temperature  (40% full multiply by 0.8/20% full multiply by 0.6)
Size-5 °F+10 °F+20 °F+40 °F+60 °F
25 lb.815203140
60 lb.1428375675
100 lb.19385177102
435 lb.4285114171228
1000 gal.1973245127591142

StarFlame C cutting gas is available in 5 lb., 25 lb., 50 lb., 60 lb., 100 lb., and 435 lb. cylinders and bulk tanks ranging in size from 500 to 10,000 gallon capacity. 

Praxair StarFlame C

StarFlame C Cutting Fuel Cuts Cleaner

Why StarFlame C should be your fuel gas of choice.

When compared to acetylene, StarFlame C cutting fuel is considered a “forgiving” fuel gas because good results can be achieved even when the heating or cutting tip is too close to the workpiece or when distance opens up one to two inches during cutting. Maintaining an exact distance from the workpiece is not critical, which makes StarFlame C cutting fuel an excellent choice for hand-torch cutting.

StarFlame C Acetylene PropyleneMAPPPropaneNatural Gas 
Flame Temperature in Oxygen (°F)5,800*5,7205,2405,3405,1305,040
BTUS Per Pound24,812*21,31521,07821,24022,09323,600
Gross Heating Valves (BTU'S Per Ft.³)2,810*1,4702,3712,4002,5631,000
Primary Heat (BTU'S Per Ft.³)284507433 517 255 11
Secondary Heat (BTU'S Per Ft.³)2,526*963 1,938 1,889 2,243 989
Theoretical Oxygen Ratio by Volume 3:1 2.5:1 4.5:1 4:1 5:1 2:1
Torch Oxygen Ratio by Volume 2:11.1:1 1.5:1
Ft.³ Per Pound of Gas (or Liquid) 8.83 14.50 8.89 8.85 8.62 23.6
Weight Compared to Air 1.50 0.91 1.45 1.48 1.55 0.62
Liquid Weight Per Gallons (lbs)4.24 -4.35 4.77 4.23 -
Boiling Point (°F)-43.6 -81.0 -47.0 -54 to -10 -44.0 -250.0 
Vapor Pressure at 70°F (PSI)125 - 130 94 120 -
Limits of Flammability in Air (%)2.3 - 9.4 2.5 - 81.0 2.4 - 10.3 3.4 - 10.8 2.2 - 9.6 5.3 - 14.0
Toxicity Low Low Low Moderate Low Low
Reactivity Low Copper & Silver Alloys Low Copper & Silver Alloys Low Low
Backfire Tendency Low High Slight Moderate Low Low
Maximum Pressure (PSI)Cylinder 15 Cylinder Cylinder Cylinder Supply
Shock Sensitivity Stable Unstable Stable Unstable Stable Stable

Check with your Linde sales representative for availability. *Effective flame and heating value characteristics based on computer image testing and comparison with other gases.