Enhanced Monitoring, Tracking, Oversight and Assurance — Everywhere You Need It.

Maintain correct shielding gas blend composition and quality the modern way with Linde's real-time, cellular and internet-based StarGold™ Gas Monitoring System.

Most shielding gas mixers for 2- or 3-part gas blends rely on local audible or visible alarms to alert your personnel when a blend goes out of specification or when the supply system fails. However, when a blend is compromised and no one is near the gas mixer to hear or see an alarm and take action, you can potentially jeopardize your blend quality and welding process, which can cause costly downtime and rework. What’s more, if your plant operates an automated or robotic welding machine, the possibility of missed alarms may be greater, increasing the risks for problematic welds.

The StarGold gas monitoring system eliminates these possibilities by ending a reliance upon proximity to local alarms. Engineered for maximized efficiency, our multi-channel, cell phone-based telemetry device offers a modern, reliable alternative to traditional alarm systems with constant access on your cell phone or computer, regardless of your location or time of day. Whether you have ISO standards to adhere to, quality assurance programs to maintain, or basic need to meet AWS and/or CWA standards, the StarGold gas monitoring system can help your plant ensure ongoing oversight and compliance of your gas blends, reducing downtime and costs associated with a mixer failure.


  • Continuous wireless monitoring to ensure mixer functionality and blend accuracy
  • Hourly readings and immediate alerts identifying the problem area in the gas mixing and delivery system for faster response, reducing downtime
  • Configurable alarms by email or text to ensure system monitoring, anytime, anywhere
  • Provides real time and historical blend composition data to help you ensure compliance to specifications
Praxair Telemetry

Online system oversight

Once the StarGold gas monitoring system detects an issue with your gas mix, you are alerted via email or cell phone. You can access your system data immediately via an easy to navigate online portal. This gives you remote oversight over your shielding gas blends and helps you validate that your specifications and quality standards are being met, and enables you to address issues quickly.

  • Generated reports show pressure and, if analyzer is installed, a gas analysis history
  • Gas pressure or composition outside preset range activates an alarm
  • High/low alarms sent to Linde Customer Service
  • “History” link shows data captured for each channel selected
  • Graph shows selected pressures over time, can be changed from 12 weeks to 12 hours

Telemetry System

  • Direct link to Linde's customer service
  • LCD readout indicates current status
  • Accuracy within +/- .10”
  • Three-level setting
  • Audible low-level alarm with two-way calling

Modernize your gas monitoring systems

When welding with 2- or 3-part shielding gas blends, a mixer that goes out of spec will result in costly downtime and rework from compromised weld quality. StarGold gas monitoring system leverages the latest monitoring technology with modern forms of communication to give you ongoing validation and verification of gas composition.

The StarGold gas monitoring system is a 6-channel cellular unit connected to pressure and valve monitoring sensors positioned at key points within the gas mixing system

  • Inlet pressures, upstream of the orifice or needle valves are monitored and an alarm is triggered when any reading is out of the preset range
  • Mixing tank and outlet pressures are also monitored and an alarm is triggered when any reading is out of the preset range
  • Solenoid valve cycle rate measurements can indicate leaks in the system, especially when your manufacturing lines are not running
  • When part of a mixer configuration, the system can integrate readings from an analyzer to validate accurate percentages of each gas in the mix

The system monitors and measures gas pressure and composition within the mixer, notifying you when an issue presents itself.