Trifecta® Nitrogen Service X-Series

Laser Assist Gas Supply System

The Trifecta X-Series is a preferred solution for reliable and continuous laser oxygen or nitrogen assist gases for delivery pressures up to 550 psig and flow rates up to 15,000 scfh. Drawing liquid from a standard bulk tank, the Trifecta system boosts the liquid pressure of the assist gas liquefied gas by alternately feeding two liquid cylinders equipped with innovative multi-function pressure building vaporizers. The Trifecta solution has no downtime and has minimal losses when compared with others laser assist gas solutions. This convenient solution eliminates high-pressure pumps, compressors, cylinder cradles and surge tanks.

Praxair Trifecta

Features and Benefits

  • System utilizes standard low pressure bulk tank to lower investment and use existing assets.
  • 100% welded tube and plate steel framework – no extruded aluminum.
  • No downtime: system maintains pressure and flow when bulk tank is filled and eliminates excessive product losses associated with high pressure bulk tanks.
  • Cylinders switch by pressure instead of by level to further reduce product loss and protect against pressure decay.
  • Robust design features: streamlined all stainless steel piping, with only five control valves and one integrated electronic control system (PLC) for increased durability and reliability.
  • Computer-controlled design simplifies installation, start-up and continuous operation
  • Frame assembly features a protective top cover in a compact footprint with an elevated base for improved ventilation.
  • Available for nitrogen, argon or oxygen service.