Carbon Dioxide USP

Carbon dioxide USP is used for close-to-physiologic atmospheres for the operation of artificial organs, in cryosurgery with insufflators during laparoscopic surgery and as a component in a mixture of oxygen or air as a respiratory stimulant to promote deep breathing. Syphon cylinders are available on request. A syphon cylinder uses a full length eductor tube to permit withdrawal of liquid phase product.

Purity Standards
Purity: Carbon Dioxide ≥ 99.0%H2O ≤ 200ppm
Odor: NoneNO2 ≤ 2.5ppm
CO ≤ 10ppmH2S ≤ 1ppm
NO ≤ 2.5ppmSO2 ≤ 5ppm
NH3 ≤ 25ppm


L5 Carbon Dioxide USP
Cylinder SpecificationsEquipment Recommendations
Ordering NumberCylinder SizeNominal ContentsPressure (psig) @ 70°FCGA ConnectionRegulator 
CD M-DM-D4 lb830940WESM1-940-PG 
CD M-EM-E6 lb830940WESM1-940-PG 
CD M-AEAE6 lb830940WESM1-940-PG 
CD M-QQ20 lb830320WESM1-320-PGWESM1-320-P
CD M-2020 lb20 lb830320WESM1-320-PGWESM1-320-P
CD M-50S50 lb50 lb830320N/A 
CD M-50K 50 lb830320WESM1-320-PGWESM1-320-P
CD M-6464 lb64 lb830320WESM1-320-PGWESM1-320-P