Grab 'n Go Digital Gas Delivery System

Portable medical oxygen system now includes audible and visible alarms

With their all-in-one design, Linde’s line of GRAB ‘N GO gas delivery systems make a positive difference in the daily activities of health care professionals, allowing them to spend less time managing gases and more time focusing on patient needs. Linde’s GRAB ‘N GO Digital advanced gas delivery system for Medical Oxygen USP features a digital display showing time remaining in hours and minutes, along with visual and audible alarms that signal when contents are getting low and then again when time to replace the cylinder.

The easy-to-use package is built for convenience and portability. The GRAB ‘N GO system’s innovative design integrates a flowmeter-regulator with a lightweight aluminum cylinder. This design simplifies the use of Medical Oxygen USP with your equipment and is therapy ready. 

The GRAB ‘N GO system provides metered flow rates specifically calibrated for Medical Oxygen, from 1-25 liters per minute, and a constant 50 PSI connection to supply auxiliary equipment.






Snap-set flow meter

Snap-set flow adjusting control knob allows you to control oxygen flow at most frequently prescribed settings.

Integrated regulator

Machined from solid brass for high-quality, the integrated regulator means there is no equipment to attach

MRI compatible design

Certified MRI conditional up to three Tesla when the cylinder is located outside of the MR bore

Choice of sizes

Available on aluminum cylinders in the standard AE size and smaller AD size

Simplified inventory management

No more regulators and flowmeter to administer transport oxygen because everything you need is built in and maintained by Linde