Grab 'n Go® Heliox Gas Delivery System

Advanced Gas Delivery System (80% Helium USP/20% Oxygen USP Gas Mixture)

With their all-in-one design, Linde’s line of GRAB ‘N GO® gas delivery systems have helped users of Medical Oxygen USP and other medical gases simplify the use of portable cylinders. The new GRAB ‘N GO Heliox gas delivery system provides a portable means to respond to patient needs for this helium/oxygen blend. 

The increased ease of use makes a positive difference in the daily activities of health care professionals, allowing them to spend less time managing gases and more time focusing on patient needs. Linde is expanding the GRAB ‘N GO gas delivery systems to now include availability for an 80% helium USP/20% oxygen USP gas mixture. Linde’s GRAB ‘N GO Heliox advanced gas delivery system for 80% helium/20% oxygen gas mixture provides the gas you need in a self-contained, easy-to-use package built for convenience and portability. The GRAB ‘N GO system’s design integrates a flowmeter-regulator with a lightweight aluminum cylinder. This design simplifies the use of 80% helium/20% oxygen gas mixture with your equipment and is therapy ready. 

The GRAB ‘N GO Heliox system provides metered flow rates specifically calibrated for 80% helium/20% oxygen gas mixture, from 3-25 liters per minute, and a constant 50 PSI connection to supply auxiliary equipment.

Linde grab n go


  • Integrated regulator
    • Eliminates the need for an inventory of regulators or wrenches
  • Single knob operation
    • Open and set flow with one knob
  • Snap-set flow meter
    • Flow adjustment control includes most frequently prescribed settings
  • 50 psig auxiliary outlet
    • Provides additional connection with ample space for ease of use


  • Built-in relief valve
    • Close off flow and isolate relief valve in one operation
  • Aluminum and composite design
    • MR conditional up to 3.0 Tesla MRI environments
  • Analog pressure gauge
    • Displays a continuous indicator of cylinder contents
  • Durable, protective shroud
    • Protects valve and regulator


  • Integrated regulator
    • Eliminates the need for an inventory of regulators or wrenches

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