Helium USP

Helium USP is used as a component of breathing mixtures to reduce the density of the mixture and thus facilitate breathing under certain physical and physiological conditions. It is also used in liquefied form to help MRI machines reach a super conductance state in order to produce high-resolution body images without radiation exposure.

Purity Specifications
Purity: Helium ≥ 99.0%CO ≤ 10ppm
Odor: NoneAIR ≤ 1.0%


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Cylinder Specifications & Equipment Recommendations

Ordering NumberCylinder SizeNominal ContentsPressure (psig)@ 70°F CGA ConnectionRegulator
HE M-DM-D13 cu ft2000930WESM1-930-PG
HE M-EM-E22 cu ft2000930WESM1-930-PG
HE M-KK218 cu ft2200580WESM1-580A-PG