Medical Air USP

Medical Air USP is used extensively in the ICU, PICU and NICU areas, and with pulmonary nebulizers to reduce the risk of excess oxygen in the lungs or other body tissue (hyperoxia) during mechanical ventilation or surgical procedures.


Purity Specifications
Purity: Oxygen 19.5 - 23.5% Water and Oil: NoneP-4560
Balance NitrogenSO2≤5ppm 

Odor: NoneNO+NO2≤2.5ppm

Medical Air USP

Cylinder Specifications & Equipment Recommendations 

Ordering NumberCylinder SizeNominal ContentsPressure (psig) @ 70°FCGA ConnectionRegulator
AI M-D M-D14 cu ft2000950 WESM1-950-PG 
AI M-EM-E 23 cu ft2000950WESM1-950-PG 
AI M-AEAE22 cu ft2000950WESM1-950-PG 
AI M-KK232 cu ft2200346WESM1-346-PGWESM1-346-P
AI M-TT310 cu ft2640346WESM1-346-PGWESM1-346-P
AI M-AEAIRTOTEAE22 cu ft2000NRAirTote, Aluminum(Regulator Included)

SDS Sheet

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Air Medipure Plasma N2O2 SDS

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