Maintenance Program for Medical Piping Systems

Linde offers a comprehensive program for medical gas pipeline systems in your facility that includes periodic testing, preventive maintenance, repairs, verification, utility system audits, decontamination services, engineering services, education and training.

Periodic Testing

NFPA 99 and The Joint Commission require periodic testing for all medical gas systems.

  • The medical pipeline system is tested for gas purity, leaks, and cross connections.
  • Medical gas outlets and zone valves are inspected for conformance and performance.
  • Master and local alarms are tested for proper function, activation and labeling.
  • All source supplies are inspected to NFPA 99 for proper conformance and function.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Scheduled to manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Helps assure patient safety by reducing emergency repairs and unexpected service disruptions


  • Our technicians can install major brands and perform repairs on most components of the medical pipeline system.
  • Medical gas components are adjusted and calibrated to NFPA and OEM specifications.

Verification Program

  • Both new and existing systems must comply with NFPA, The Joint Commission, federal, state, and local codes.
  • New systems: New systems must be installed and verified in strict compliance with codes. Leaks, cross connections, proper labeling, alarms, valves, manifolds, and outlets are verified with test gas. 
  • Shutdowns and system tie-ins are coordinated with the contractor. The system is then connected and retested for flow, purity, pressure, and cross connections, after which we issue final certification.
  • Existing systems: We assess existing systems to ensure they are compliant with NFPA, The Joint Commission, OSHA, state and local codes.

Utility System Audits Include

  • Periodic systems evaluations
  • Purity and concentration testing and
  • Particulate analysis

Engineering Services

Not having up-to-date drawings could be a major problem when you need to renovate, relocate, or upgrade your system. Using CAD/CAM software, our engineers can:

  • Recreate an accurate of schematic (2D) or isometric (3) drawings, identifying locations of existing gas systems including source equipment, piping location and sizing, sensors, alarms, valves, outlets and gauges
  • Provide you with descriptive labeling for all the controls and valves shown on your schematics

Decontamination Services

Purging is required for new systems. Existing piping sometimes requires purging to remove contaminants that get trapped in the system. Linde can solve this problem with wash and purge services:

  • The system is flushed to remove particulates, standing water, oil, and gaseous contaminants.
  • Our decontamination program meets NFPA and CGA standards.

Education and Training

  • Brazing certification – Our brazing certification course qualifies your personnel to do your own installations on smaller projects.
  • Medical gas in-service training – Our in-service training teaches your personnel to perform preventive maintenance.
  • Inspector training – Our inspector training enables your personnel to supervise subcontractors.
  • Medical gas emergency preparedness – We provide emergency preparedness training for nurses and other personnel working with oxygen and other medical gases.