Nitrogen NF 

Nitrogen NF is often used in preflight lung testing to measure a person’s response to a simulated aircraft cabin environment (hypoxic challenge testing) as well as to power medical devices, as a cryogen to freeze and preserve blood, tissue, and other biological specimens, and to freeze and destroy diseased tissue in cryosurgery and dermatology.

Purity Specifications
Purity: Nitrogen ≥ 99.0O2 ≤ 1.0%
Odor: NoneCO ≤ 10ppm

Nitrogen NF
Ordering NumberCylinder SizeNominal ContentsPressure (psig) @ 70°FCGA Connection Regulator
NI MLC160-230160 L 3690 cu ft230GAS-580 / LIQUID-295WESN1-580-PWESN1-580-P
NI MLC160-22160 L 3690 cu ft22GAS-580 / LIQUID-295N/A 
NI MLC180-230180 L 4110 cu ft230GAS-580 / LIQUID-295WESN1-580-PWESN1-580-P
NI MLC180-22180 L 4110 cu ft22GAS-580 / LIQUID-295N/A  
NI MLC230-22LC2305023 cu ft22GAS-580 / LIQUID-295N/A