Nitrogen Oxide USP

Nitrous oxide USP is used in the healthcare industry as an analgesic and adjunct to anesthesia.

Purity Specifications

Purity: Nitrous Oxide ≥ 99.0%Air ≤ 1%
NH3 ≤ 25ppmP-4636
Odor: Slightly SweetCO2 ≤ 300ppmHalogens ≤ 1ppm

NO ≤ 1 ppm
CO ≤ 10ppm

NO2 ≤ 1ppm
H2O ≤ 200ppm
Nitrous Oxide USP

Cylinder Specifications & Equipment Recommendations

Order NumberCylinder SizeNominal ContentsPressure (psig) @ 70°F CGA Connection Regulator
NS M-DM-D3.9 lb745910WESM1-910-PG
NS M-EM-E6.4 lb745910WESM1-910-PG 
NS M-20 20 lb20 lb745326WESM1-326-PGWESM1-326-P
NS M-50K50 lb745326WESM1-326-PGWESM1-326-P
NS M-64K64 lb745326WESM1-326-PGWESM1-326-P
NS M-AEALERTM-AE6.4 lb745910Content gauge permanently attached, WESM1-910-PG or equivalent