PulmoNeb® LT Compressor Nebulizer System

devilbiss pulmoneb lt compressor nebulizer system

PulmoNeb® LT Compressor Nebulizer System

When it comes to low cost, high performance compressor nebulizer systems, the remarkable PulmoNeb LT Compressor Nebulizer System fits the bill. This advanced yet affordable unit was developed to compete with other low-cost systems. However, it not only competes, it exceeds expectations by delivering superior performance that makes the PulmoNeb LT one of the best, low cost, compressor nebulizer systems on the market.

  • Maximum compressor pressure — 35 psig
  • Compressor free air flow — 12.7 lpm
  • ETL listed as compliant to UL 60601-1 Medical Electrical Equipment Standard
  • One-piece MicroPore® Filter is readily accessible and has six-month life
  • Small footprint and lightweight design make it easy to store and take along
  • Darker body color maintains its appearance after a prolonged period of use
  • Ball bearing connecting rod design equips the unit for years of dependable performance
  • Internal wire guides eliminate interference with moving parts for increasing reliability
  • Top-of unit connector facilitates easy attachment/removal of tubing
  • Tested to at least 1,000 hours of life
  • Five-year limited warranty

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