How Do I Download My Invoice?

Login to your account and choose Go To My Account Page on the welcome modal.

log into account Welcome-modal-account-pg

Choose Invoice History from the left hand menu. 


To download a single invoice you have two options.

Option #1 - Click the PDF icon next to the invoice number. 

Option #2 - Click the three dots at the end of the invoice line item and then choose Download Pdf.

click-pdf-icon Click-three-dots

To download multiple invoices, first select the invoices you wish to download. Then under Actions choose Download PDF. 


Helpful Hint #1:

Use the Search bar to search for a specific invoice number. Search function will not return partial matches. 


Helpful Hint #2:

Use the filter functionality to find invoices by invoice number, order number, customer reference #, or date range.


Helpful Hint #3:

Make sure you're searching/filtering the correct date range!