What Features Are Available if I Have an Account?

If you are logged in to the website, you can click My Account in the main navigation. The My Account page and all of the related pages have a menu in the left sidebar which include all of the functional pages that you may have access to via your login. If you click on one of those links and get an Access Denied page, that means your user id does not have permission to access that functional page. Please contact us via Chat or by emailing lindedirect@linde.com if you think you should have access to something that you don't.

Available Functions

  • Account Balance
  • Announcements
  • Cross Reference Part Numbers
  • Cylinder Balance Details
  • eCOA
  • Import Order
  • Invoice History
  • Payment History
  • Product Lists
  • Quote History
  • Returns History
  • Saved Cart Items
  • Shopping History
  • Switch Accounts


My Account Function Menu Screenshot