What Can LindeDirect Do for Me?

The best way to put LindeDirect to work for you is to request online access to your Linde Gas & Equipment account. Even without access, or without an account at all, you can still purchase parts and equipment using a valid credit card. Our 3-step easy ordering makes purchasing a breeze - even combining your gas and equipment orders into one. 


Search Our Inventory of Gases & Equipment

→ LindeDirect reduces the guesswork when placing orders.
→  While online, you can see if the items you need are in stock for delivery or for pick up at your local retail store. 
→ Or just browse through the 70,000+ items in our catalog to find exactly what you need.


Ordering Online is Easier Than Ever

→ Charge to your account or pay by credit card

 Unlimited product lists for easy reordering
→  Quickly re-order products from Order or Invoice History
→ Save carts for future purchases
→ Ship orders collect
→  Utilize blanket POs

With LindeDirect, online shopping is only the beginning. With full access to your Linde Gas & Equipment account you have the ability to fully manage your account via the website. Pay invoices, view proof of delivery documents, even access multiple billing accounts with all related shipping accounts. 


Manage Your Account(s) With Ease

→ Save credit cards and bank accounts in your online Wallet

 View order history including PODs
→  Download order invoices
→ Pay invoices: one-time, scheduled, and auto-pay
→ Sign-up for e-invoicing
  Check cylinder balances