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They say the oceans are the last frontier. At Linde, we give you the gases, equipment and supply systems you need to explore the depths worry-free. We developed the first breathing mixture tables in the 1920’s, and have been advancing the diving industry ever since. So whether you’re diving for commercial or technical purposes, we are knowledgeable about which gases blend most effectively for the depths you’re planning to travel. Our industrial gases meet stringent U.S. Coast Guard-approved and Canadian Standards Association-approved specifications, giving you the freedom to explore the depths.

Related Gases


Gaseous helium is an industrial carrier gas for oxygen in synthetic breath mixtures, enabling deep-sea divers to conduct scientific explorations and develop offshore oil and gas resources.



Oxygen is an essential component of every breathing gas mixture. Mixes that contain less than 21% oxygen are used in technical diving as deep breathing gas.


Nitrogen - Ni

Nitrogen, the main component of air, is the most affordable and most common industrial gas for shallow diving.


Argon - Ar

Because of its thermal insulation properties, argon is used to inflate dry suits for deep sea diving.


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Diving Equipment 

From cylinder floor stands to high-pressure hoses and custom gas regulation equipment, we offer a full line of industrial products and technologies to make sure your divers are as safe as possible.

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We do more than provide industrial gases and products to the diving industry. We work with you to optimize every step of your process. From consultation to implementation and use, we offer a range of industrial services that help you monitor and manage your gas supply and improve your process.

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