High Flow Heliox Therapy Delivery System

Designed with the patient in mind

High Flow Therapy represents a significant advancement in the delivery of respiratory care, and when heliox is ordered for the patient you can rely on Linde to help you streamline delivery of care. Recently cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Vapotherm’s Precision Flow®Heliox device is the first fully integrated high-flow therapy device for non-invasive delivery of heliox USP and oxygen USP via nasal cannula. Linde’s Medipure© gases with integrated regulator, and a new proprietary gas cart facilitate convenient delivery at the point of care.

The portable system provides patients with a step-change, non-invasive respiratory option that was previously unavailable. Precision Flow Heliox helps clinicians deliver therapy safely and comfortably. No other high flow device delivers such control and precise management of temperature and flow.