Reactor Cooling

Experience the flexibility that comes with complete control

Every year, pharmaceutical companies invent new drugs that improve the quality of human life. These drugs often require specially designed systems to meet the process conditions needed for safe and cost-effective production. By harnessing the cooling power of cryogenic nitrogen, our non-freezing direct and indirect cooling systems provide precise temperature control and rapid cooling all while reducing operating costs and eliminating the need for complex, multi-stage mechanical refrigeration. Our DCOOL™, NCOOL™ and ICOOL™ reactor and fluid cooling systems are specialized to meet your unique needs in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, so you can focus on the cure.


Linde’s Direct Contact Cooling System (DCOOL), comprised of a non-freezing injector and a liquid nitrogen control manifold, is primarily used to inject liquid nitrogen directly into a reactor vessel. Our proprietary non-freezing technology eliminates the icing or fouling associated with traditional technologies. Our straightforward controls take real time temperature input from the reactor vessel and adjust the nitrogen flow to maintain the specified temperature profile. Benefit from the low capital costs, operational flexibility and reliability that come with our DCOOL reactor cooling system.


Linde’s proprietary Semi-Indirect Contact Cooling (ICOOL) technology allows for direct nitrogen expansion in a reactor vessel’s cooling coils or jacket. By processing real-time temperature data from the reaction vessel, the ICOOLsystem will automatically adjust the amount of liquid nitrogen introduced into the cooling coils. This straightforward reactor cooling option is ideal for short cycle batch processes that require low process temperatures.


Linde’s Non-Freezing Heat Exchanger (NCOOL) is engineered for extremely efficient heat transfer between liquid nitrogen and a heat transfer fluid. By capturing the complete cooling capacity of liquid nitrogen the NCOOL heat exchanger has thermal efficiency of > 95%. The non-freezing design of the heat exchanger allows for indefinite operation without shutting down for defrost cycles. Whether integrated into your equipment or provided as a complete compact skid, the NCOOL system delivers efficiency, reduced cycle times and reduced nitrogen consumption — all with minimal maintenance requirements. You can even realize additional cost savings with the downstream utilization of the gaseous nitrogen by-product. It’s no surprise that Linde’s NCOOL heat exchangers are used in freeze-drying and reactor cooling applications around the world.