Pipeline Business Center

The Control Room

The Pipeline Business Center is a federally regulated control room. The primary role of the Pipeline Business Center is to manage purity, flow and pressure in real-time.

Pipeline Business Center Brochure


The Pipeline Business Center adheres to the Control Room Management regulations prescribed by the Department of Transportation’s Pipeline Hazardous Material Safety Administration (PHMSA). These regulations focus on fatigue mitigation, alarm rationalization and control, as well as workload analysis.

National Responsibilities

Linde’s Pipeline Business Center manages 38 production sites, 131 customers, and over 575 miles of pipeline in six states, including six hydrogen pipelines, two oxygen pipelines and two nitrogen pipelines.

Supply and Backup

Our instantaneous oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen supply capabilities are best in class. The oxygen and nitrogen backup systems are capable of replacing the product delivered through our pipelines at any moment.

High Purity Hydrogen Storage Cavern

Linde’s Gulf Coast hydrogen pipeline system is supported by our high purity hydrogen storage cavern.