Metal Fabrication Lab

Our welding & cutting capabilities

  • We can develop wide range of solutions employing a variety of processes and technologies: 
  • Single and multiple (tandem) wire GMAW can be done in all positions using a variety of wire sizes and types. 
  • New GMAW transfer technology processes including ITW/RMD and Fronius CMT 
  • Three robotic welding cells and large fixed automation unit for use with all gas-shielded processes 
  • Flux-cored wire welding can be used in and out-of-position with a variety of power supplies 
  • Manual and mechanized GTAW with/without cold or hot wire additions; manual and mechanized plasma welding 
  • Mechanized oxy-fuel and plasma cutting and beveling system with capability to accommodate plates up to 4'x10' and thickness up to 3" 
  • Virtual/real time welder training cell for enhancing and developing welder skills

Analytical/Support Equipment

A state of the art gas mixing system can provide multiple component shielding gas blends (up to 5 gases) for optimum welding performance. Impact Arc Agent data acquisition systems collect real-time welding parameter inputs. This monitoring of current, voltage, wire speed and gas flow rate helps to determine and maintain a stable, repeatable welding process during experiments and customer solution work. 

Conventional and high speed video can be employed to document, in detail, the stability and robustness of welding or cutting process being utilized. High speed video examination of the welding arc allows us to view and analyze metal droplet transfer to assure acceptable performance.