Lancer Pipe Cutting Machine

Linde’s ProStar™Lancer™ CNC Pipe Cutting Machine is an affordably priced, entry-level automated pipe plasma cutting system that empowers users to cut up to 8-inch diameter pipe and up to 4-inch square tubing, in sections up to 25-feet. Additionally, the Lancer Pipe Cutting Machine has an available fume extraction system that provides exceptional performance on mild steel, galvanized steel, galvannealed steel and stainless steel.

This pipe cutting machine features full support for Hypertherm® plasma systems, our ProStar CNC controller with a 3-D pipe interface, 8-direction joystick and laser pointer for material alignment. With linear ways on X-Y axes and servo drives on all axes, the Lancer Pipe Cutting Machine provides control and movement usually found only on much larger and more expensive plasma cutting systems.

The Lancer Pipe Cutting Machine from Linde makes pipe cutting automation accessible to virtually any fabricator. As a new addition to Linde’s ProStar line of CNC cutting machines, this machine provides the performance you expect and is supported by Linde’s network of cutting system specialists, providing you a reliable solution for improved productivity.

Linde Lancer Pipe Cutting Machine

Features and Benefits of the Lancer Pipe Cutting Machine

  • Affordably priced, 100% welding frame — Makes reliable automated pipe processing accessible to practically any fabricator
  • 8-inch pipe and 4-inch square tubing, up to 25-foot length capacity — Adaptable to a variety of needs
  • Optimal fume extraction system — Supports your efforts to protect your work environment
  • Hypertherm plasma systems — Exceptional cut quality for reduced time spent grinding
  • ProStar CNC controller — 3D pipe interface for easy setup and operation

Advanced Features

  • 1,500 IPM traverse speed
  • ProStar CNC controller with 17 inch-screen
  • Servo drives on all axes
  • Linear ways and rack & pinion driven on X-Y axes
  • Arc-voltage plasma height control
  • Material touch-off
  • Adjustable chuck height


SpecificationsProStar Lancer Pipe Cutting Machine
Traversing Speed1,500 IPM 
Pipe Cutting Capacity8 in.
Square Tubing Cutting Capacity4 in.
Pipe Wall Thickness Capacity3/4 in.
Dimensions (W x L x H)4 ft. x 28 ft. x 6 ft.
At 25 ft. processing length 
3,600 lbs.