ProStarâ„¢ MM Series Rolls

Linde's heavy-duty ProStarâ„¢ MM Series rolls are designed for use and quick changeover from one size workpiece to another. MM turning rolls improve quality and economy and minimize down time, when welding. Because ProStar MM Series rolls maintain a constant centerline, These machines are an excellent choice to use in combination with a ProStar manipulator or gantry in applications that require both circumferential and longitudinal automated welding.

Standard Features

  • Maintains constant centerline
  • Superior worm gears
  • Quick and accurate roll center changes
  • Positively driven drive roll connection
Praxair ProStar MM Series Rolls

Standard Configuration

Specifications15 Tons30 Tons60 Tons90 Tons
Turning Capacity (System)30,000 lbs.60,000 lbs.120,000 lbs.180,000 lbs.
Pipe Diameter Range 4 in. - 144 in.12 in. - 16 in.12 in. - 16 in. 12 in. - 16 in.
Footprint 6-1/4 in. x 29-1/4 in. x 32.11 in.94 in. x 40-`/4 in. x 42.16 in.94 in. x 42 in. x 42.16 in.94 in. x 47 in. x 42.16 in.
Wheel Diameter 16 in. 20 in.20 in.20 in.
Combined Wheel Face 4 in. 10 in. 15 in.32 in.
Operation Speed Range2.1 in. / min. - 63.5 in. / min.1.7 in. / min. - 50.2 in. / min.2.0 in. / min. - 61.4 in. / min.2.0 in. / min. - 61.4 in. / min.

Specification subject to change without notice.