ProStar™ High-Speed CNC Press Brake - PRSAHKD Series

Nonstop Producer — CNC Control Press Brake

The ProStar™ PRSAHKD Press Brake is loaded for automation with an all-star lineup of power, benefits and reliability. In addition to its four controlled axes: Y1 and Y2 (depth stop), X (rear stop), and R (height stop), this precision machine also delivers an excellent price/performance ratio.

High-Speed Bending

  • Long cylinder stroke
  • R-axis servo drive for rear stop
  • CNC control performs automatic indexing at machine startup
  • Programmable bending and return speeds
  • Position monitoring during bending process
  • Seven available machine models

Standard Equipment

  • DT 10 Touch CNC plus four controlled axes (Y1, Y2, X, R)
  • Manual lower crowning
  • Manual clamping fixture for male die with wedge crowning
  • Standard male die and multi-V die
  • Two support arms with T-slots


Available Options

  • Additional axes: Z1, Z2, X1, X2, R1, R2
  • Oil cooler, additional foot switch
  • Preparation/tandem operation
Praxair ProStar High-Speed CNC Press Brakes

DT 10 Touch CNC Control

  • Perfect bending results, simple bend angle registration and easy machine operation
  • Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic machine operation

Machine Frame and  Male (Upper) Die

  • Male die with extra-long, high-precision dual block guides
  • Rigid design for lasting performance

Working Area

  • Long stroke, large throat. Spacious work area allows beveling operations across the entire work length
  • Extra work space eliminates intermediate bending


  • Chrome-plated, high-precision honed hydraulic cylinders
  • Work-pressure calculation and adjustments via CNC
  • Perfectly tuned hydraulic components and measuring systems for exact synchronization of work cylinders

Rear Stop

  • X axis with linear guides and preloaded ball screws
  • Exact manual R axis adjustments

Front Support Arms

  • Linear guides provide easy lateral adjustments, simple height adjustment and superior rigidity

Standard Configuration

Part No.Brake Force (tons)Brake LengthDistance Between ColumnsMax StrokeRear Stop Rapid Feed (in/sec)Bending Speed (in/sec)Return Speed (in/sec)Motor Rating (hp)Oil Reservoir (gal)LengthWidth (without support)HeightWeight (lbs)
AHKD2590  100100 in.85 in.6 in.20 in.4.3 2.71026148 in.53 in.96 in.12,980
AHKD31120130120 in.100 in.7 in.20 in.4.431540165 in.59 in.102 in.18,480
AHKD31160175120 in.100 in.8 in.20 in.4.43.42040165 in.59 in.106 in.19,800
AHKD31200220120 in.100 in.8 in.20 in.4.32.92040177 in.59 in.106 in.26,840
AHKD37200220 146 in.122 in.8 in.20 in.4.32.92040193 in.71 in.106 in.25,300
AHKD41200220159 in.122 in.8 in. 20 in.4.42.92040201 in.71 in.106 in.29,612
AHKD60400660238 in.200 in.13 in.20 in.3.2240119229 in.91 in.150 in.88,836

Specifications subject to change without notice.