ProStar™ Double Pinch Ring Roller - PRSRH150

Create Repeatable Bends and Complex Parts with No Wasted Straight Material

Linde's ProStar™ high-capacity tube roller bends round tube, pipe, sections, bar and angle iron and handle structural projects, shipyard building and playgrounds with ease.

Programmable stops for each shaft help you take on production runs with confidence. Double-pinch design prevents wasted straight material at the ends of parts — a common problem associated with some roll benders. Employing three inverter-driven rolls and a direct-drive transmission, the PRSRH150 is well-suited for your high-production projects.

3 Driven Rolls, 220 V, 3-Phase Power

  • Two bottom rolls accomplish pre- and post-bending to cut down material waste
  • Readout displays position of bottom rolls
  • Electric back gauge with 5.5 in. schedule 40 pipe capacity
  • Double-pinch design
  • Lateral guide rolls for angle correction
  • Horizontal or vertical bending
  • Overload protected
  • Set programmable stops on each shaft for precise results
  • Heavily bolted and welded steel-plate frame minimizes flex and ensures accuracy for years to come
  • Ideal for tube, pipe, bar and angle iron
Praxair Double-Pinch Ring Roller PRSRH150

Standard Configuration

Part No.PipeRound TubeSquare TubeAngle IronSolid Square Solid RoundFlat Bar Easy WayFlat Bar Hard WayRoll AdjustmentPinch Shaft DiameterRoll Diameter UpperRoll Diameter LowerDriven RollsDigital ReadoutSpeed (variable)MotorPower RequirementsDimensions (L/W/H)Shipping Weight

5.5 in. (sch. 40)/73 in. 

6.250 in. (.125 in.)/118 in.4 in. (.196 in.)/118 in. 4.75 in. (.5 in.) /60 in.3 in. / 32 in. 3.375 in. / 36 in.7.875 in. (2 in.) / 40 in.5.5 in. (1.125 in.) / 118 in.HydraulicDouble4.724 in.15.352 in.15.352 in.3Included3.25 rpm20 hp22 V 3-ph80 in. x 67 in. x 82 in.10,400 lbs.

All specs based on 60,000 psi (42 kg/mm2) tensile strength mild steel. Specifications subject to change without notice.