ProStarâ„¢ Hydraulic Bender - PRSRDB500

Powerful Hydraulics + Solid Steel

Linde's ProStarâ„¢ PRSRDB500 hydraulic pipe bender offers variable speed, one-shot bending up to 206 degrees without stopping or ratcheting. This pipe bender has a unique design that connects a powerful hydraulic pump and industrial-grade hydraulics to increase efficiency and reduce production time.

Heavy-Duty Construction

The PRSRDB500 bending machine is constructed of solid steel and weighs an impressive 1,800 pounds.

Numeric Autostop

  • Bends 0-206 deg. in one shot
  • Accurate, portable and easy to operate
  • Numeric displays for degrees and counter-die position
  • 220 V single-phase

Available Options 

Some applications may require optional tooling. Please consult your Linde representative regarding your specific needs.

Praxair Hydraulic Bender PRSRDB500

Standard Configuration

Part No.Mild Steel Pipe (Schedule 40)Aluminum Pipe (Schedule 40)Stainless Steel Pipe (Schedule 40)Mild Steel Round Tube (Wall)Aluminum Round Tube (Wall) Stainless Steel Round Tube (Wall)Chrome-Moly Round 

Mild Steel Solid Rod 

Mild Steel Square Tube (Wall)Minimum OD Maximum Speed to 180 DegreesMaximum Center Line Radius (CLR)Minimum CLRPower Requirements Weight LengthWidthShipping Weight
PRSRDB5003 in.3.5 in.2.5 in.3 in. (.250)3.5 in. (.250)3.5 in. (.187)3.5 in. (.187)2 in.3 in. (.250).25 in. 36 sec.20 in. .5 in. 220 V 3-ph1,800 lbs.70 in. 56 in.41 in.

*Other voltages available by special order. Specifications subject to change without notice.