ProStar™ Metal Ring Roller - PRSRM40

Versatile Ring Roller is the Ideal Choice for Basic Profile Bending

Linde’s ProStar™ PRSRM40 is designed for rolling various sections such as coiling tubing, hay hoops and stair rail pipe. Its steel plate construction, industrial grade transmissions and variable speed inverter-driven drives help to maintain accuracy and minimize flex.

Two Power-Driven Rolls

  • Hardened steel roll shafts
  • Standard rolls and guide rolls
  • Horizontal and vertical position
  • Foot pedal control
  • Inverter-driven, variable speed
  • Overload protection
  • Comes with a set of segment rolls for bending flat bar, solid rod, and some square applications
  • Storage cabinet for tooling, etc.
Praxair Metal Ring Roller PRSRM40

Standard Configuration

Part No.PipeRound TubeSquare TubeAngle IronSolid Square
Solid RoundFlat Bar Easy Way

Flat Bar Hard Way

Roll Adjustment


Shaft DiameterRoll Diameter UpperRoll Diameter LowerShaft Center Distance (lower rolls)Driven RollsSpeed (variable)MotorPower RequirementsDimensions (L/W/H)Shipping Weight

1.5 in. (Sch. 40) / 28 in. 

2 in. (.078) / 27.55 in. 1.5 in. (.078 in.) / 39 in.1.5 in. (.157 in.) / 22 in.1.25 in. / 20 in.1.375 in. / 24 in. 3 in. (.5 in.) / 15.75 in.2.25 in. (.375 in.) / 20 in. ManualSingle 1.181 in. 5.118 in. 5.118 in. 10.88 in. 210.6 - 21.2 rpm1.5 hp220 V 1-ph60 in. x 44 in. x 68 in.550 lbs.

All specs based on 60,000 psi (42 kg/mm2) tensile strength mild steel. Specifications subject to change without notice.