ProStarâ„¢ Press Brake PRSBO6778NC

BP/NC Series Heavyweight Press Brake

Linde's ProStarâ„¢ PRSBP6778NC hydraulic press brake is bigger and heavier than the PRSBP5060NC, with productivity features such as additional fine adjustments for extreme production accuracy, 50 percent more horsepower and a 35-gallon oil reservoir.

Due to larger size and more than 60 tons of capacity, this hydraulic press brake comes standard with a hydraulic auto-crowning compensation system that ensures straight bends, even while working at full capacity. Upper beam and auto-crowning compensation devices have separate, scaled pressure regulators.

Six sensor safety curtains, 6.29-inch table width, front material rests and one set of multi-vee tooling are included.

Electric Back Gauge with Auto-Crowing Compensation

  • Extra-wide guideways for exceptional rigidity
  • Adjustable two-step downward travel for higher productivity
  • Hydraulic auto-crowning compensation
  • Oversized hydraulic tank with high-performance pump smoothes and stabilizes oil flow
  • Photoelectric safety curtain
  • Accepts any standard brake tooling
  • Vertical positioning via electronic encoder and mechanical stops
Praxair Press Brake PRSBO6778NC

Standard Configuration

Part No.Maximum CapacityBending Capacity

(max length @ max thickness)

Distance Between HousingDistance from Table to RamThroat Depth (to housing)Stroke DistanceApproach SpeedBending SpeedReturn SpeedGauge LengthMain MotorBack Gauge MotorPower RequirementsOil CapacityDimensions (L/W/H)Shipping Weight
PRSBP6778NC67 tons78.75 in. / .157 in.61 in.11.81 in.7.87 in.5.9 in.3.14 in./sec..275 in./sec.2.36 in./sec.23.62 in.7.5 hp1/2 hp220 V 3-hp35 gal90.55 in. x 61.02 in. x 94.48 in.7,700 lbs.

Specifications subject to change without notice.